Our mission is, and always has been, to discover, educate, and empower the next generation. ​ 


As a part of that mission, we are announcing the VFILES₅₀₁c₃ LAB.


The VFILES Foundation’s incubation program, VFILES Lab, is a non-profit incubator established to discover, educate, and empower Original Thinkers. We are going to help monetize your biggest dreams and ideas and refine them into commercial products and businesses. These incubated ideas will then be launched on a global stage - a la VFILES RUNWAY - to potential investors, employers, collaborators, and press. 


The selected Lab Members will each receive a $10,000 grant, join our 10 week online incubation program with handpicked world-class mentors and speakers, and a slot at our first VFILES LAB runway show in March 2021. 


Applicants with original ideas can come from all creative and intellectual pillars: fashion, music, design, technology, art, film, animation, gaming, VR/AR, sustainability, social justice - you name it. If you have the idea, we have your professors, mentors, and investors. Together, we have the energy. ​ 


With VFILES RUNWAY, we empowered countless creatives and propelled them into the universe. As a Foundation, the VFILES LAB will provide grants, mentorship, and access to networks to help bring your biggest ideas to life. For you. You own 100% of your work. We are simply here to accelerate your success.


You are tomorrow’s talent, today. 


The best way to predict the future is to create it.


Who is eligible to apply? Am I eligible if I am based out of the US?


Anyone from anywhere is eligible to apply. 


When do applications close?



What is the program schedule for the Lab?

VFILES Lab runs as a cohort, for two 10-week programs per year.

What type of idea is the LAB specifically looking for?


All types and stages of ideas are welcome. We are looking to support the most promising, innovative ideas from any vertical.


Can we apply as a team?


Yes! Your application will be evaluated as a team, and the $10,000 will be granted to the group, not each individual. Each team member must still submit an individual application, even if for the same idea.

Individuals and teams are both equally encouraged to apply.

Do we need to incorporate before applying?


Not at all! We only ask for it to better understand what stage you are at with your idea or product.


Does VFILES Foundation get any equity stake in our idea?


Selected Lab Members receive non-dilutive grant funds of $10,000 to seed their ideas. You own 100% of your work. VFILES Foundation does not take any stake. We are just here to support and empower your work.


Do you sign NDAs?


We do not sign NDAs. Like many other incubators and venture capital firms, we are pitched on too many ideas to sign individual NDAs. We do commit and respect the confidentiality of all the information you submit to us during the application process. We will not share it outside of the internal VFILES Foundation team.

How does the Lab work during COVID-19?


The inaugural VFILES Lab cohort will entirely be held remotely in 2021. The culminating runway show will be produced as a virtual demo day. Ensuing programs will be a combination of physical and virtual.

Can we apply with more than one idea?


Pick your single biggest and best idea to apply with. If you have other ideas you feel compelled to share, there is a section to include them at the end of the application.