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Thank you for applying to VFILES LAB002.

Grant recipients will be announced within the next month once we have had a chance to review applications.  

Thank you for your interest and keep an eye out for further programs this year including our upcoming Brand Lab and Academy Programs. 


What is the VFILES LAB program?


VFILES LAB launched in 2021 with the mission to demolish the opportunity gap, build open-source creativity, and invent a creative democracy. Fashion, Music and Culture is our focus.  We invest in underrepresented communities to enable socioeconomic mobility and empower sustainable wealth creation. We know that the most innovative future leaders will come from communities who have experienced inequality and underrepresentation. Our goal is to propel them forward. 


The VFILES Foundation’s incubation program, VFILES LAB, is a non-profit incubator established to discover, educate, and empower entrepreneurial Creators and Original Thinkers.


VFILES LAB = Your Vision, Empowered. 100% Owned by You.

Each VFILES LAB Fellow will participate in a one-year incubation and mentorship program which includes: 

A calendar year of online and in person education. 

Business development support. Access to investors, legal and loan programs. 

$5,000 -$15,000 development grant

A world class mentor cohort of founders, creative leaders and advisors

Participation in the VFILES LAB SHOW, a sales and mentorship event with industry leaders, press and investors. 

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