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VFILES launched in 2012 with the mission to demolish the opportunity gap, build open-source creativity, and invent a creative democracy.
A decade later, the VFILES Foundation provides the next generation of cultural innovators with the resources they need to reimagine and redefine the world.
Through inclusive community programming, with a focus on empowering the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, the Foundation offerings span across grants, incubation, education, R&D, and policy.
Our thesis is this: To own the culture you create, you must own the economics. We know that the most innovative future leaders will come from communities who have experienced inequality and underrepresentation. Our goal is to propel them forward.
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VFILES LAB is an incubator and discovery platform with a mandate to discover, educate, and empower cultural creators from underrepresented and underpowered communities.
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Chosen from the VFILES LAB application program,  our DISCOVERY artists receive a year-long schedule of education and mentorship and full access to the VFILES discovery network - events, showcases and 12 Mercer Street.
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The VFILES ACADEMY is a college semester of classes currently taught at the Roc Nation School of Music, Sport, and Entertainment.
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The VIA (VFILES INTELLIGENCE AGENCY) is our own global think tank and research Lab.

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